"When someone asks if you'd like cake or pie, why not say you want cake and pie?" -Lisa Loeb

    *Gluten free crust/fillings available for $3 extra

All pies come in a heavy gauge pan that can be redeemed for $1 off your next order.  

*Hand wash only please. 


•    Dutch Apple Crumb or Double Crust – $18– sliced granny smith/honey crisp mixture with a mixture of Madagascar vanilla, saigon cinnamon and molasses

    •    Pumpkin or Sweet Potato $13 – made with real maple syrup and topped with fresh whipped cream.  

            Candied pecans, by request.  Add $5

    •    Pecan honey $18 – made with honey and 3/4 pound of pecans!

     •    Cheesecake/Pecan $20 – Best of both worlds!  Half cheesecake/ half pecan layers with creamy and sweet pecan goodness

• Cranberry Cream $18 - Goat cheesecake layer and a cranberry cream layer to make a great dessert or appetizer pie. Served with whipped cream

• Honeycrisp cider cream pie $18 - Honeycrisp cider custard pie with nutmeg/cinnamon cream.

• Butterscotch pie $21 - Rich custard pie made with single malt scotch and served with cream.

• Piña Colada pie $18 - Coconut pineapple custard served with whipped coconut cream.

    •    Banana Cream $15  Luscious banana custard that any minion would enjoy!   A Nilla wafer crust and topped with fresh whipped cream and mini Nilla wafers.

 •  Butterscotch Cream Pie

     •    Piña Colada $15 Coconut crumb crust/pineapple rum cream topped with whipped cream and toasted coconut

    •    Strawberry Shortcake $20 – strawberry pie with cream scone topping and fresh cream

    •    Key Lime $15 – with a mound of italian meringue 

    •    Lemon Meringue $15 – (Meyer Lemon available only November-March) lemon cream with a mound of italian meringue with berries

    •    French Silk $17 – Dark chocolate mousse pie with ganache and fresh cream

    •    S’more $18  French silk pie with a graham cracker crust brushed with Hershey’s brand melted chocolate with a toasted, house made    fluffy marshmallow top. Not available GF

     •    Chocolate chip cookie pie $20 - Famous chocolate chip cookies get made into a decadent form of pie to be served with whipped                   cream provided.   $24 GF for extra flour used

    •    Peanut Butter Cup $18 – chocolate crust, peanut butter graham filling and ganache GF $24 for extra flour used

    •    Fresh Fruit

   Cherry/Blueberry/ Strawberry (in season strawberry/rhubarb) or Peach $21 (5/1- 8/1)  & $26 (8/2-4/30)

    •    Mixed Berry $18 (5/1- 8/1) & $22 (8/2-4/30)– with fresh whipped cream and a base of cream cheese filling

Orders for Thanksgiving time please allow 2 weeks notice.