Why filling?

Have you ever had an eclair that didn't have that special cream and felt like it was missing something? 

You want this.  

3 layers of cake and 2 of filling are typical.  Eat cake.  Love the filling!

    •    Cookies and Cream Butter icing with real Oreo cookies mixed in

    •     Sweet Cream Butter icing - choose your flavor: vanilla/strawberry/chocolate/salted caramel/peppermint/orange

                     /lemon/lime/maple/ginger or any flavoring offered by Beanilla

     •    French Cream (Custard style with added whipped cream)

     •    Lemon/Orange/Key Lime/Meyer Lemon (Meyer available November-March only) curd or mousse

    •    Salted Caramel (made with fresh butter and house made caramel)

     •    Dark/white/milk/chocolate mousse (white chocolate mousse can also have the flavorings listed above for sweet cream)

    •    Peanut Butter Cream

    •    Strawberry/raspberry/blueberry/cherry  (Jam texture)

    •    Pumpkin Spice (White mousse style with the taste of fall)


  Premium Fillings

$5 extra for 8 and 10″, $8/12", $12/14" and half sheets

    •    Rich chocolate cream, mocha cream or peppermint chocolate (french silk filling for pies) 

     •     Flavored buttercream (coconut, raspberry, strawberry, mint, maple, lemon, lime, orange, almond)

     •      Pina Colada (Real coconut and pineapple with pastry cream)

    •    Creme brûlée burnt sugar pieces mixed in

     •     Roasted Apple Cinnamon cream

    •    Tiramisu Mascarpone cheese with different types of booze modified over years to be authentic italian creamy/boozy goodness. 

    •    German chocolate (contains almonds and coconut) *advance notice needed

    •    Cream cheese (typically with Red Velvet or Carrot cake)

     •    Fresh Strawberries/Raspberries/Blueberries can be added in with a filling