Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I pick up my order?

The address is 504 Rock Hollow Dr NE, Rockford, MI  49341.  This is a residential address on a cul de sac at the end of Rock Hollow off of Wolven and 11 mile.  The second entrance to the neighborhood.  It is a cottage kitchen and am licensed by an LLC.

  • When can I pickup the cake/desserts?

Saturday between 10-4 or Sunday between 10-12. Please schedule pickup or delivery as close to your event for best results. Delivery is an added charge.

  • Do I need to put a deposit down?

On larger orders above $50, I require a credit card deposit of 50% down. If you wish to pay the full amount at the order, please include this selection.  Please note the request section is upon availability.  You may call to see if available first before placing the order.  Please be aware that any credit card charge will incur a 3% charge for what I am charged to use the service for square Bank to bank transfers via PayPal do not have this charge added.  The deposit/ credit card information will be located in the order form.   This is on confirmed orders only. Do not put a deposit down if the event/date is not confirmed or the deposit will incur a 10% fee for the return. Wedding deposits are a non refundable $200 and will come off the total bill.  If you wish to pay cash or check for the wedding deposit, that may be done at the cake tasting.  

Orders over $50 need to be paid in full by cash/check or credit card (3% added) 72 hours before the event.  

  • How would you wish to be paid? Cash/Check/Credit Card?

I can take all forms of payment.  Please note that a credit card payment will incur a 3% charge what they charge me through  Small businesses are charged fees for using these options. Bank to bank transfers via PayPal do not have this charge added.

  • How much do you charge for a cake/cupcakes/pie/dessert that I am looking for?

The links for the prices for all offerings are located at the top of every page on this website and are broken down by description of what you are looking for.  If you are desiring a more complicated cake than a simple buttercream iced cake that has a message written on it please fill out the order request form and I will evaluate the cost given the number of people and design to give you a quote.  Please provide at least 2 weeks for this.

  • I sent a order request, but need to make sure you got it or would like to confirm the order. How do I do this?

I email back the completed order request with a quote.  If you respond to this with your confirmation that you would like to utilize my services this is your confirmation.  You may always call or text (616) 745-8290 for confirmation.  Please be aware I work full time Sunday-Friday and may not respond immediately.  

  • How far in advance should I place my order?

Usually, 2 weeks notice or more is appreciated for smaller orders.   This is needed for ordering and scheduling of the items needed, but because of weddings and advance ordering, you can always order farther in advance. Requesting an order 2 weeks ahead does not guarantee the order because of prior scheduling.  Please be advised that the order form is a request for service.  Please call if you need to place an order less than two weeks out at (616) 745-8290.  

  • I am interested in a wedding cake tasting. How do I set this up?

Tastings are usually held on Saturday afternoons or Sunday by 11am.  Availability is around my orders and how busy the orders are for that given weekend.  If you have a date you can attend the tasting,  please call or email direct at and I will check the availability.  Please be advised that wedding tastings are held for orders of 75 people or greater.

A $200 deposit is collected to reserved the date at the time of the tasting or a $30 fee for the time booking of the tasting. If you have under 75 people for the wedding or function and wish to have a tasting, we can still do this for a $30 fee. This is due at the tasting.

Filling out a order form on the contact area is also a good way.  Please provide the information on the weddings tab as well.

  • My group has an allergy, can you make a cake with this concern?

Yes,  my facility is not gluten/nut/soy/dairy free, but I take all precautions and have been baking for these customers for years.  

Yes!  Click on the word Pinterest above and you will see my work as well on there.

  • I have tried fondant in the past and don't like it. Can you make my cake without it?

Fondant is an added charge to the buttercream that the cake is already covered in.  Depending on the style of cake, fondant can be replaced with a buttercream design.  If you have found a picture you wish to copy that had used fondant for a part of the design, it will need to be used though at an additional cost.  I use a high quality fondant called Satin Ice, that is gluten, dairy, soy, and nut free.  This is used on Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss and I have been using this great tasting fondant for years.  My boys love the vanilla buttercream taste and will eat it before the cake usually.  

  • I have a fun design I found and would like to have it recreated. How much will this cost in addition to the cake I am asking?

The base prices for cake are here.  These are the base prices and any premium cake/fillings are added on in addition.  Figures for the cakes start at $20 depending on complexity.  The prices are quoted after figuring it out for product, time and amount used.  This will not be determined over the phone, but if you send an email @ with the link, can be sent to you in 48 hours.

  • Do I refrigerate the cake?

If you are serving it within 2-3 hours of the pickup/delivery there is no need.  The buttercream is made with real butter and it needs to acclimate to soften at room temperature.  If holding the event outside, please re-locate the cake inside until the event would begin.  To maintain freshness, I recommend covering any exposed cake sides and refrigerating.  For serving time/eating,  to warm up the Italian Buttercream the cake needs to be room temperature 1-2 hours for the soft buttercream to return.  If serving outside, out of direct sunlight is advised and 30 minutes-hour to warm up to temperature.  Cake is not recommended to be consumed past 3 days of production.  Freezing is not advised.  

  • Do you deliver?

Yes!  If available for that day a base fee of $20 for local Rockford delivery is applied.  Outside of Rockford $45/30 minute drive is applied.  Please ask for availability.  Wedding cakes/desserts for the wedding are expected to add this charge for delivery.