"A party without cake is just a meeting" - Julia Child

What is your favorite?  Want to try something new?  Ideas for combinations here

*Make sure to let me combine your favorite cake with an amazing filling.  Click here for Filling choices.

All my cakes are made from scratch.  I can make *Gluten Free, *Nut Free, *dairy free (*not made in a Gluten/Nut free/dairy free facility).  

    •    White Cream

    •    Chocolate Butter Cake 

    •    Red Velvet (paired with cream cheese filling usually)

     •     Orange creamsicle (pair with cream cheese filling or pastry cream)

     •     Bourbon Pound Cake

    •    Lemon / Key Lime

    •    Strawberry Cream

    •    Cherry Chip

    •    Blueberry

    •    Banana/ Banana Chocolate Chip

    •    Chocolate Chip

    •    Lady Finger (hand made, not bought to be paired with tiramisu filling)

    •    Confetti (White cream cake with sprinkles (house made sprinkles with pasteurized egg whites, powdered sugar and gel paste food color only))

    •    Carrot (contains no nuts or raisins paired with *cream cheese filling)

    •    Apple Cinnamon

    •    Spice

    •    Pumpkin

    •    Gingerbread

    •    *Marble (Two recipes of white and chocolate cakes – $5 extra for 8 and 10″, $8 for 12″ and $12 for 14″ and half sheets

    •    Flourless Chocolate Cake –  Luscious rich chocolate flavor.  Single layer only decorated with powdered sugar and pre cut.  (Not available dairy free)