Branching out

Wow.  I have been making cakes now for 16 years.  About 5 years ago I decided to branch out and do my own thing.  Making a new business is no joke.  The ordering, organizing, and starting up new clients was tough, but I appreciate each and every one of them.  Every week I find myself doing something that I love and making others happy.  What other kind of goal can we have?  


My goal is to make this business something that people talk about, praise and want to order more of because it tastes like nothing they have had before; excellent desserts.  I also want to have a once a month blog post on something new about pastry and how to have fun while baking.

The most important part of an order is getting it right and exceeding expectations for me.  When you order, I love having a vision or image to emulate and make it even better.  Tell me how many people you need to serve and you will be so happy that you have enough party pieces left even after they remember how cool it looked.  

Love the cake and enjoy the party!

Rustic wedding cake

Rustic wedding cake

Posted on May 3, 2016 .